Year 3

Mariners Classes

These are our classes and their teachers and teaching assistants:

  • Mrs Tempest's Mariners, with TA Miss Bailey
  • Miss Temple's Mariners, with TA Mrs Murdoch
  • Miss Lancaster's Mariners, with TA Mrs Jones

Curriculum themes plan

Mariners (one year topic plan)

Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
LiteracyThe Sandal Tony BradmanRomans on the
Rampage - Jeremy
Duffy's Lucky Escape -
Ellie Jackson
Ug: Boy Genius -
Raymond Briggs, The
History Detective, Stone
Age to Iron Age - Claire
The Egyptian Cinderella -
Shirley Climo
James and the Giant
Peach - Roald Dahl, A
Collection of Rudyard
Kipling's Just So stories
ScienceForces and Magnets
RocksLightRocksPlantsAnimals, inlcluding humans
HistoryRomansRomansStone Age to Iron AgeEgyptians
GeographyLocal area - map workLocal area - map workUK national parks and UK cities
Computing/ICTSearch Technologies/
Using computers safely
Write and debug programUse sequence in programsDetect and correct errorsUse a variety of softwareUse a variety of software
ArtMythological paintingsLineLineMythological paintingsLandscape and symmetryStill life and form
PSHEFeelings and emotions,
valuing differences
Healthy lifestyles &
keeping safe
Taking care of the
Rights and responsibiltiesMoneyGrowing and changing,
healthy relationships

Our current half-term curriculum topic wheel is available from class teachers.

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