Year 5

Globetrotters Classes

These are our classes and their teachers and teaching assistants:

  • Mr M. Walsh's Globetrotters, with TA
  • Miss Harrison's Globetrotters, with TA Mrs Jerrard
  • Miss Barnes' Globetrotters, with TA Mrs Ryan

Curriculum themes plan

Globetrotters (one year topic plan)

Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
LiteracyWho Let the Dogs Out? -
Maz Evans
Groosham Grange -
Anthony Horowitz
Spy Master: First Blood -
Jan Burchett & Sara
The Akimbo Adventures -
Alexander McCall Smith
Street Child - Berlie
Running Wild - Michael
ScienceEarth and SpaceProperties and Changes
of Materials
Properties and Changes of
All living things & their
ForcesAnimals, including
HistoryAncient GreeceAncient GreeceTudorsTudorsVictoriansVictorians
GeographyLocational knowledge Locational knowledgeClimate zones, Biomes and SettlementsClimate zones, Biomes and SettlementsLocal study: farmingLocal study: farming
Computing/ICTUse technology safelyDesign, write and
debug. Logical
reasoning to detect
and correct errors
Use search technology
Understand computer
Select, use and combine
a variety of software
Use sequence, selection
and repitition in programs
ArtStyleStyleChinese artAfrican artIslamic art & architectureIslamic art & architecture
PSHEKeeping safe
Living in the wider
RelationshipsRelationshipsHealth & wellbeingHealth & wellbeing

Knowledge Organisers

Year 5 Knowledge organiser - Science

Year 5 Knowledge organiser - Geography

Our current half-term curriculum topic wheel is available from class teachers.

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