Year 4

Wayfarers Classes

These are our classes and their teachers and teaching assistants:

  • Miss Humphrey's Wayfarers, with TA Mrs Loades
  • Mr Edward's Wayfarers, with TA
  • Mrs Grant's Wayfarers, with TA Mrs Irving

Curriculum themes plan

Wayfarers (one year topic plan)

Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
LiteracyText based on electricity -
'You wouldn't want to live
without electricity',
'Blackout', 'How does my
home work?' and 'Oscar
and the bird' Learning
Outcomes: Narrative
Text based on Anglo
Saxons and Scots -'Illustrated Tales of
King Arthur', 'You
wouldn't want to be
an Anglo-Saxon
Peasant' and 'Explore
Anglo-Saxons'. LO
Information texts and
diary entry
Text based on Vikings:
Newspaper reports,
report writing,
information texts
Text based on Animals
including humans:
Newspaper reports,
report writing,
information texts
Text based on geography -
LO Poetry, instructions
Text based on Local area -
recounts, narrative
ScienceElectricitySoundStates of matterAnimals, including humansLiving things and their habitatsLiving things and their habitats
HistoryAnglo Saxons and ScotsAnglo Saxons and ScotsVikingsVikingsLocal areaLocal area
GeographyLocational knowledgeLocational knowledgeGeographical skills and fieldworkGeographical skills and fieldworkHuman and physical geographyHuman and physical geography
Computing/ICTUse technology safelyUnderstanding
computer networks
Use search technology
Use a variety of softwareDesign, write and debugUse sequence, selection
and repitition
ArtLightLightMonuments of
Monuments of Ancient RomeSpaceSpace
PSHEHealth and Well being -
Healthy Lifestyle
Health and Well
being - Growing and
Relationships - Healthy
Relationships - Feelings
and emotions and valuing
Living in the wider world -
rights and responsibilities
Living in the wider world -
taking care of the
environment, and Money

Knowledge Organisers

Year 4 Knowledge organiser - Science

Year 4 Knowledge organiser - Geography

Year 4 Knowledge organiser - History

Our current half-term curriculum topic wheel is available from class teachers.

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