Invitation for Sir David Attenborough

OCPPA thrilled to receive personal reply

The children in Year 4 were delighted to be writing to Sir David Attenborough, to invite him to the opening of our new garden areas.

We took the time to explain all the exciting projects we had been involved in, to transform our outdoor areas. The children focussed upon the Woodland Walk, the new story telling garden, our eco-elephant (named Lord David!) and their participation in developing the vegetable plots.

Today, we were absolutely thrilled to receive a written response from the man himself! While he is not able to visit us, he explained that he thought the letters were charming and gave him great pleasure in reading them. Sir Attenborough also mentioned he thought it was a joy that young people are taking up the messages he has been sharing for many years.

We are all overjoyed that he took the time to respond, and the children had a real purpose for their writing.