Assessment and Success

Your Child’s Progress

We are committed to giving your child the best opportunities that we can. We do this most effectively when working with you. EYFS profile, Year 1 Phonics Check, and Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) are undertaken throughout your child’s time at the academies. Parents are given full information about the SATs as the children progress through the school.

During the Autumn and Spring Terms, we hold parents’ evenings to discuss pupil’s progress, and at the end of the Summer Term, full school reports will be sent home, with the opportunity to discuss this with the teacher if you feel this is necessary.

Marking and Feedback

Marking and feedback at OCPPA relates to the aims and values of the academy as a whole, and seeks to acknowledge the children’s achievements, at the same time as helping them to understand any challenges or problems they may be having. We support all children equally, regardless of aptitude; fair, positive and clear feedback and marking helps us to achieves this. We aim to inform parents of these principles, including our individual work marking structure:

  • V – verbal feedback given on the work
  • Pink – THINK. Part of the work that needs improvement
  • Green – GREAT. Part of the work that is something to be proud of
  • Initials – where work is marked by someone other than the class teacher