Pupils Create Garden of Sustainable Flowers

Final Infant and Junior Academy Eco Activities Become Very First Of Our Primary Academy

The schools organised an eco-project where the pupils were tasked with creating flowers out of the bases of used plastic drink bottles, to avoid them going to waste. The project was a positive way to show the children that it is better to be creative and reuse the plastic instead of throwing it away, while also allowing them to showcase their imagination.

This project has tied into the academies’ commitment to becoming an ‘eco-school’, which requires them to not just teach the children about the importance of being environmentally friendly but also engage them with different sustainable projects.

In addition to being sustainable, the activity was a fantastic way to celebrate the bringing together of both academies as one community, as the schools look forward to coming together to form Ormiston Cliff Park Primary Academy from September 2021.

All year groups were a part of the project and had time set aside for them to be able to paint the flowers with any colours and design that they wanted. The children all really enjoyed spending time with their classmates and being able to decorate their flowers.

The ‘flowers’ were then tied to the railings at the front of the main entrance to the academies, which when all put together, created a lovely garden full of different colours and designs.

Our Executive Principal, Kate Rutherford:

“It was lovely to see all the children, across both our academies, come together to have fun and create the beautiful flowers. We aim to incorporate sustainable practises into every aspect of our pupils’ education, and the project was a great way to do this.

“We also got to celebrate the growth and evolution of our academies by officially marking us coming together as one with a great unity project.”