Year 1 Castle Day

Children enjoy a Medieval day

Year one enjoyed a day celebrating the learning we have done in History. We have been learning about castles – looking at why William the Conqueror built some of the first ones in the UK, comparing the different types of castles (Motte and Bailey and Stone Keep), learning about the features that protect the people living inside, and the roles of the people who lived in them.

We finished our half terms learning by bringing our history to life by dressing up as someone who lived or worked in a castle and enjoying a medieval day together. We had lots of fun playing some games that the children who lived in a castle would have played – skipping and quoits were a big hit! We then took time to learn a dance that they would have done at dances and listened to some traditional songs. We had a go at fencing and got creative making shields and crowns.

We finished our afternoon by having our very own banquet. We enjoyed some lovely food (and were served it by our own servants – our teachers!)  It was a very special day bringing together everything we have learned last half term.